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Battle of Galactica Ride - The Costumes

Colonial Warrior - Jim Betteridge - 1980

And this is by far my favourite Galactica item that I own, and definitely the most expensive. A Colonial Warrior uniform as warn on the ride. The Image above shows Jim Betteridge in 1980 working at Universal. Jim went on to work with Richard Hatch on BSG-2nd Coming trailer along with myself and many others. Thanks to Christopher smith for this image. Click the Image if you would like to see it bigger.

Colonial Warrior Uniform - Jacket

Colonial Warrior Uniform

This is one of the costumes used by the actors who featured in 'The Battle of Galactica' that appeared at Universal Studios in the early 80's. The costume appears to have been made by Broadway Knitting Mills Inc. It consists of a woven short sleeve shirt, and jacket, and some boot tops that can be worn over black shoes.

When the ride first opened the Actors could either wear one of the costumes as seen in my colelction, or the actaully ones from the show.

Christopher Smith , an actor from the ride writes: 'we also wore the original principal outfits from the show.  I fited the ones worn by Richard Hatch, so I sought those out in wardrobe.  They were marked "Skyler."  I was a bit on the small side to wear Starbuck's.  I was a 40, he was a 42.  I also wore Larry Manetti's (Giles) Jacket.  Boomer's stuff was too small for me.' 

'While we did wear the boot tops, I brought my own set of Full-Bore Motorcycle Boots on the weekends when I was  the Cylon Attendant.  And the helmets that we wore in the old days were the ones from the original series - not the motorcycle helmets from G80.  Those came in after my tenure there.'

The Jacket is not as detailed as the versions used in the show and is made of a lighter fabric. The buckles, patch and insignia are exactly the same as the show worn versions.

Colonial Warrior Uniform - Shirt

The shirt is made of a woven fabric and is short sleeved. There is a zip fastening on the back of the neck and the screen used trim brading around the neck and colar.

Colonial Warrior Uniform - boots

The boots are made as puttees to be worn over the top of black shoes. They simply wrap around the calf and velcro together at the back. They are made of a leatherette type material with brass buckles on the side.

Here is a great image of an unknown hero from the ride. It gives you a great view of the outfit and the gun used on the ride. The gun is actually a modified version of a MK4 Sterling Submachine gun, this is the same gun used in Star Wars to make the Storm Trooper gun. Thanks to Dale Long for sending me the Warrior image.

Christopher Smith , an actor from the ride writes: 'at first we used guns that lit up - they looked like the stromtrooper guns in Star Wars - they were modeled after Sterling sub-machine guns. Then we started using the rubber stuit guns that looked like the pistol-guns from the BSG TV show. The powers that be stopped caring whether they lit up or not. We used to have to plug the flashing guns in between shows.'

Unknown Ride Hero

And you can now see what the Colonial Actors did when they were off duty. This is a great image of there Break Room. You can cleary see the discarded unifrom on the floor and helmet on the side table. Thanks to Dale Long for this image.

Cylon Outfit

Cylon Armour

Also walking around the park were guys dressed as Cylons. If you were brave enough you could stop them and have your photo taken. Above you can see Lance Falk, Ed Hall, Cylon, Christopher Smith, and Leonard Yee posing in 1980. Click the Image if you would like to see it bigger.

Cylon Outfit

Click Here to see another great image of a Cylon walking around the park. This image was kindly supplied by Kajsa Erickson who is also in the photo.