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Battle of Galactica Ride - Promo Images

Battle of Galactica Tour

This section contains promo images of the Battle of Galactica ride that were sent out to publicize it.

Promo Images

Promo Image 1 of 7

A nice image of one of the Cylon Warrior anamatronic figures.

Promo Image 2 of 7

A great image of the Cylon Tank that attacks the Trams outside and forces them into the Cylon base.

Promo Image 3 of 7

One of the other Aliens that inhabit the Cylon base.

Promo Image 4 of 7

Two Cylons sit in at there command stations and watch the laser battle infront.

Promo Image 5 of 7

Another shot of the Cylon Warrior.

Promo Image 6 of 7

A slightly different shot of the outside Cylon tank.

Promo Image 7 of 7

The Imperious Leader as he appears in the ride. This IL looks a lot different to the one seen in the show, a lot more cartoony and evil.

Newspaper Adverts

The Battle of Gallactica ride was also promoted in local Newspapers. Click below to see two such adverts.

Newspaper Advert #1

Newspaper Advert #2

If you have any other adverts or promo material in your own collection that you would like to share, then please get in touch.