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As seen on TV and Film

The A-Team: The most famous appearance of the Galactica ride has to be in the A-Team. It appears in the episode 'Steel' and is used as the meeting point between the team and there latest client. In the first ten minutes you get to see the A-Team walking around the park whilst in the background a Cylon is meeting the tourists. Below you can see the most famous shot where Dirk Benedict has a sly smile when the Cylon walks past.

The A-Team

The Nude Bomb: The ride was also featured briefly in the film 'The Nude Bomb'. As yet I haven't seen the film, so if you own a copy please get in touch and let me know what it's all about. The picture below is a still taken from the film.

Shot from 'The Nude Bomb'

Beverly Hills Cop 3: Set around a theme park this movie features rides from Universal Studios LA and Six flags. A couple of times during the film they go inside a ride called 'Alien Attack!' which is actaully the 'Earthquake' part of Universal Studios Back lot tour. Inside the ride the tram is attacked by robots that look very similar to Cylons. These are not actually the ones from the Galactica ride but due to the similarity I thought it was worth mentioning them. Here are two images from the film. Image one - Image Two

Young Talent Time: I have also just heard from Paul Naylor in Australia. He's says 'The ride appeared here in a show called Young Talent Time. They once shot a number inside the Galactica area and showed the cylon and tank shooting out the front. If you have any iamges or video of this then please get in touch.