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Figures - Vintage


Welcome to the figures pages. This section has been spilt in two as it was getting so large. Page One contains vintage figures, Page two contains modern figures.

Here is my collections of Battlestar Galactica figures. These figures where made by Mattel and came in 3 3/4" and 12" variations. The figures were originally released in two series. The first contained Starbuck + Gun, Adama + Gun, Imperious Leader, Silver Cylon + Gun, Ovion and Daggit (brown). The second series consisted of Gold Cylon + Gun, Lucifer, Boray + Club, Baltar + Gun and Daggit (tan).

MOC 1978 Imperious Leader 1978 Cardback 1978 Cardback 2

Mattel Figures

3 3/4" Figures

These first series of figures can be found for as little as 30p each, although finding a Cylon with all it's silver paint is tricky. The second series can be alot harder to find and, therefore, more expensive. As with all toys weapons are even rarer than the figures themselves.

Commander ADAMA - Wise statesman from the TV Space Saga! Lt. STARBUCK - Colonial flight leader from the TV Space Saga! OVION - Insect enemy from the TV Space Saga!

DAGGIT - Robot pet from the TV Space Saga! IMPERIOUS LEADER - Sinister mastermind from the TV Space Saga! CYLON CENTURIAN - Evil warrior from the TV Space Saga!

DAGGIT - Robot pet from the TV Space Saga! CYLON COMMANDER - Evil warrior from the TV Space Saga! Lucifer

BORAY - Strange alien from a distant planet! BALTAR - Human ally of the Cylons! Guns

The Cylon Blaster above is actually a reproduction gun and is almost identical to the original. There is a link to the SW-IJ Repro page in the links section where you can buy reproduction weapons for your 3 3/4 inch figures.

Multipack Figures

3 3/4" Multipacks

The small figures also came in three different multipacks. There was a 4 Figure Pak, a 6 Figure Gift Set, and a 3 figure mail away box. Thanks to Bob Bergeron for sending me these images.

Mail Away offer

Gold Cylon Mail Away offer

The gold Cylon figure was also available via a mail away offer. This is what the offer said:

Only for Earthlings

Gold-colored Cylon Centurion Leader from Battlestar Galactica

With proof of purchase from any four of the six Mattel Battlestar Galactica 4 inch figures shown here.

Earth friends, your eyse do not decieve you. This Cylon Centurion figure realy is gold-colored, not silver. And he realy can be yours. 'Aha! Some kind of sinister plot to take over the households of America' you say. No, earthlings. Simply an intergalactica gesture of goodwill - to introduce you to the new Cylon leader with moveable parts. He's Gold-colored to stand apart from all other Cylons. To Get him free, just send in the front panel from any four of the six MAttel Battlestar Galactica 4 Inch Figures, Ovion, Commaner Adama, Lt. Starbuck, Imperious Leader, The Silver-colored Cylon Centurion, or Daggit.

But hurry earthlings, this offer expires june 30, 1980.

12 inch Figures 12 inch Figures Prototypes

12" Figures

As well as the small figures there were two twelve inch figures released by Mattel. They are based very loosely on a Cylon and Colonial Warrior with the body being taken from and earlier figure called Captain Lazer made in 1967 for the Major Matt Mason toy line. You can see a picture of Captain Lazer by clicking Here. Both figures have battery operated light up weapons, but the Cylon has the added bonus of a manually operated moving red eye and glowing chest.

12 inch Figures weapons

Both figures come with a few clip on weapons. The Warrior comes with a laser beam, scanner device and Arial (picture above), the Cylon came with a different style laser and the same Arial. Unfortunately my Cylon figure is missing the laser effect from the front of his guns.

The picture on the right hand side shows and early prototype of the Cylon figure as featured in the 1978 Mattel toy retail catalogue. As with most toy lines they have to go through a few versions before the toys gets released.

Unfortunately, my Cylon figure is missing the laser effect from the front of his gun.

Plush Daggit

Plush Daggit

Mattel also made one Plush toy for the line based in Boxey's Daggit Muffet. The toy features a pull string that makes it bark or play robot noises from the show when pulled. The toy is mainly made out of fabric but has plastic sections for the eyes and noise. It actaully looks pretty much like Muffet in the show, only smaller at 14 1/2 inches long.

You can hear an MP3 of the Daggits sound effects by clicking below


Comet Miniatures - Cylon Warrior

Comet Miniatures - Cylon Warrior

Made by Comet Miniatures in the early 80's in a limited production run which only lasted a year or 2. This figure did require some assembly, as you can see from the un-assembled version picture here.

Thanks to Robert Hodson for sending me this Image of a carded version of the Comet Battlestar.