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These figures were released by Trendmasters, initially there were only four available: Cylon Centurian, Cylon Commander, Imperious Leader and Starbuck. Later there was a limited edition figure realesed of a Stealth Cylon, this was just a normal cylon in black! The initial four figures also came in a talking versions. As with all figures these days, they seem to have gone over the top with the muscles.

I have received an email from Ross Whyte with some more information on the Trendmasters toy line. Ross Says:

The Trendmasters figures and ships were based off of the comic book that was produced by Richard Hatch and his buddies in the late 90's. It was an attempt to ressurect the Battlestar Galactica series in a way. But like other such attempts, failed.

The toys were produced during the Trendmasters 'Licence Frenzy' that they embarked on with 'Independence Day', and 'Mars Attacks'. (Hence the fact that the Cylon Raider toy shares the same sound FX chip with the Mars Attacks flying saucer.)
The reason why Imperious Leader looks the way he does, was that the comic recalled Glen Larsons original concept of the Cylons being a lizard race that had become cybernetic warriors. (In the TV series they were all turned into robots as they were not allowed to have the heroes killing live beings on a show that kids would watch.)
Also, the comic changed the way the heroes (and other humans,) looked. They went for a more modern 'Heroic' over-muscled look. More imposing, sure, but kind of silly. If you think Starbuck was pumping iron, you should have seen Baltar! He was HUGE! And scary! And had muttonchop sideburns!

Trendmasters Figures

Starbuck, Imperious Leader, Cylon Commander, Cylon Centurion

I can't say I am much of a fan of these figures, they have all been styalised to much for me with Starbuck looking like a muscle bound freak. They also have some major flaws like Starbuck and Imperious leader being unable to hold there weapons, and the imperious leadesr mask constantly falling off. Copyright Trendmasters 1996.

Stealth Cylon

Stealth Cylon

Stealth Cylon, these were produced in a limited number of 5000 and sold exclusively through Hanger 18. Considering there are so few around they are relatively easy to to find. I picked this one up for $4. There was also supposed to be a white version of Starbuck released, but as far as I know this never happened. I do however have an image of the offer which featrues the white starbuck.

Hanger 18 Offer

Imperious Leader - Talking

Imperious Leader - Talking

This is exactly the same toy as the non-talking one but with the added bonus that it says 'Destroy the Galactica'. It also comes in a box rather than on a blister pack.

You can hear an MP3 of the Imperious Leader by clicking below



Joyride studios have now started to create a line of figures and ships based on the Original series. The first wave of these features a Cylon Centurion, Cylon Raider, and Colonial Viper. Both Ships and vehicles come on the same backing cards.

Joyride Studios Cylon

Cylon Centurion

Series One contains only one figure. The Cylon Centurion. This is a realy nice sculpt and looks great. But it is not realy and action figure as although you can move the limbs it only looks good in it's base pose. One thing I don't like about this figure is the way they have just put a blob of red paint to represent the red eye. It would have been much nicer to have had some read plastic there like the Trendmasters version. Comes with a Cylon Rifle. Copyright Joyride Studios 2004.

Joyride Studios Apollo


Series Two has three figures, Apollo, Starbuck and Cylon Commander. This second series now comes with a stand for you figure. The sculpt is pretty good with lots of detail and a nice paint job, but I still think it is more of a stature. The figure comes with a removable helmet and gun which can be fitted in the leg holster. Although without the gun in his hand he look a little odd. Copyright Joyride Studios 2005.

Joyride Studios Stabuck


The starbuck figure is pretty similar to appolos, although is jacket is hanging open so you can see his under shirt. Comes with removable helmet, gun and stand. Copyright Joyride Studios 2005.

Joyride Studios Cylon Commander

Cylon Commander

Nothing much to say about this as it is just a gold version of the series one Cylon figure. I was a little dissapointed that when I took it out of it's packet some of the shoulder armour fell off! This one comes with a stand and gun. Copyright Joyride Studios 2005.

Joyride Studios Prototypes

Series Four prototypes

Here are a couple of images of figures that are due for release as series four. Adama and Athena. From these prototype shots, they don't look too bad.


Konami in Japan have released a series of Candy toys based on the orignal show copyright 2005. The toys come in random boxes so you never know which one you are going to get. The set contains a Cylon Warrior, Cylon Commander, Cylon Basestar, Cylon Raider, Viper, Galactica, Atlantia, and Pegasus. The Atlantia, Pegasus and Cylon Commander are much harder to come by than the other figures as they are produced in much smaller numbers.

Konami Box    Konami Cylon

Cylon Centurion

Considering these toys are so cheap, the quality is great. The Cylon comes with movable arms, gun, and base plate. The Instruction for this figure can be found in the Instructions section.

Konami Box    Konami Cylon Commander

Cylon Commander

This is a repaint of the Cylon Centurion figure, but is much harder to find as they didn't produce as many. Another great figure.

Majestic Studios

Majestic Studios have released a series of detailed 12 inch Limited edition dolls. The lines constists of Cylon Centurion, Cylon Comander, Apollo, Stabuck, and Adama. 2005.

Majestic Cylon

12 Inch Cylon Centurion

Now this is what I call a figure. It's really nicely made with detachable armour, and a nice fabric body suit. Comes with a rifle, gun, sword, and a stand. Everything about it is nicely detailed, even the rifle has a clear plastic tip. The figure is fully possable, but has a little trouble holding the rifle in two hands. And when he does there is nowhere to put the hand gun. The sword also seems a little on the small side. The one thing that is a little annoying is that it is missing the skirt. Considering the rest of the figure is so good, it seems silly to have missed this off.

Majestic Cylon
Majestic Cylon Commander

12 Inch Cylon Commander

This is exactly the same as the silver one as you would expect. This figure was only available in Tower Records in the US. It doesn't look like it sold that well as I was able to pick this up for $12. Bargain. Again this is a really nice figure, but is still missing the cape.

Majestic Gold Cylon

Majestic Figures

Majestic Apollo Majestic Starbuck Majestic Adama

Also available in this line are Apollo, Starbuck, and Adama. It seems that Majestic have been pretty lazy with the boxes as the Apollo box text is clearly talking about the Cylon Figure. The back of the box doesn't even mention Apollo at all. Thanks to Alan Piper for the images of the figures.

Below you can seem my signed Apollo figure. With great thanks to Terence Sanford for sending me this figure.

Majestic Gold Cylon

Apollo & Starbuck Ltd Edition 2-Pack

Time & Space Toys have now released a special edition pack of Apollo and Starbuck dressed in the white Colonial outfits as seen in the ship of lights.

Time & Space Majestic Figures

Click Here to go to there website.