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Instruction & Inserts

Instructions & Inserts picture

Instruction sheets & Inserts

In this section I am going to try and provide pictures of all the instruction sheets and inserts that came with Battlestar Galactica toys and games. If you have any of these sheets and would be willing to provide me with either a Hi-res scan or a good quality photocopy, please get in touch.

Click below for the instructions that came with the Viper, Raider, Scarab, and Stellar probe by Matel. Thanks to Manuel Costa for providing these:-

Cylon Raider, Colonial Scarab,Colonial Viper, and Stellar Probe.

And now for the instruction and decal sheets for the super Rare Colonial Landram. These Scans were kindly supplied by Tony Ierardi and these are only the second copy I have ever seen. They don't contain much information but are worth taking a look at. Click below for the Canadian and English versions:-

Colonial Landram - Canadian Version

Colonial Landram - English Version

Colonial Landram - Decal sheet

Instructions sheets that came with Mattels Remote Control Cylon Raider, Thanks to Susan J. Paxton for sending me these:-

Radio Controlled Cylon Raider.

Instructions sheets that came with Mattels Space Vertibird, stored in a ZIP file:-

Mattel Space Vertibird.

Instructions sheets that came with Mattels Viper Launch Station (Canadian Version), stored in a ZIP file, Thanks to Dale Long:-

Mattel Viper Launch Station.

Instructions sheets that came with Mattels Space Alert computer game, Thanks to Peter Hirschberg for sending me these:-

Mattel Space Alert Instructions.

Instructions sheets that came with the 12 inch Colonial Warrior and Cylon figures by Mattel:-

Mattel 12 inch Colonial Warrior Instructions.

Mattel 12 inch Cylon Instructions.

Card Backs for the first six figures in the Mattel line, plus Six figure card backs in English and French and the rarer ten figure cardback:-

Commander Adama

Lt. Starbuck (Canadian Card)



Imperious Leader

Cylon Centurion

Six Figure card back

Six Figure Canadian card back

Ten Figure card back - Thanks to Mark Daniels.

Wax packet from the 1978 Topps cards:-

Topps Wax Packet

Topps Wax Packet with Ring Pop advert. - Thanks to Mary Wernke.

Fasa Starfighter combat board game:-

Cylon Score sheet

Viper Score sheet

Fasa Starfighter combat - The complete instruction book. (3.2 meg)

Basestar Game Sheet

Battlestar Game Sheet

Empty Game Sheet

Counters - Thanks to Mark Cynical for these.

Trendmasters 1996 figure cardbacks:-

Trendmasters Cardfront

Trendmasters Cardback

Joyride Studios 2005 cardbacks:-

Joyride Studios Series One Cardfront

Joyride Studios Series One Cardback

Joyride Studios Series Two Cardfront

Joyride Studios Series Two Cardback

Joyride Studios Series Three Cardfront

Joyride Studios Series Three Cardback<

Konami Candy Toy Instructions:-

Cylon Instructions

Cylon Raider Instructions

Cylon Basestar Instructions

Colonial Viper Instructions

Colonial Viper Instructions

Letraset Action Transfers:-

Cardboard Starfighter Instructions from pack 3/4

Cardboard Starfighter Instructions from pack 5/6. Thanks to Marc Stile for this.

Monogram 1978 model kit instructions and decal sheet. The following files are jpgs files stored as a Zip. A big thanks to Graham for sorting these out for me. You can see my friend Graham's built viper by clicking Here

Colonial Viper Space Fighter 890kb

Revell Monogram 1997 model kit instructions. Because of the size of these files I have had to convert them into BMP files and Zip them up into four separate files. A big thanks to Graham for sorting these out for me:-

Colonial Viper Space Fighter 308kb

Raider Space Fighter 296kb

Battlestar Galactica 338kb

Cylon Base Star 314kb

Can You Help?

I'm still looking for Instructions sheets that came with some of the other Galactica toys. If you can supply me with copies or Scans then email me at the address at the bottom of this page. I'm currently looking for:-

Viper Launch Station by Mattel - Cylon Raider Targets
Sticker Sheets for the Matel Viper, Cylon Raider, Stella Probe and Scarab.

Or any others I don't have on this page. Thanks to all the people who have helped me so far.