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Mattel Toy Catalogue 1979
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Mattel 1979 Toy Catalogue

Electronic Battlestar Galactica Command Ship

Electronic Battlestar Galactica Command Ship

Electronic Circuitry for Space age sounds!

Micro-chips reproduce space age sound electronicall! The space gun on the big command ship elevates with electronic sound! Just push the lever and the doors swing open. Space Gun 'fires' with electronic sound. Model of Battlestar Galactica TM, pride of the Colonial TM fleet, is 22 inches long. Detailing and Markings taken from the fabulous TV space series! When port and starboard pods are opened, push lever and two viper TM space fighters launch! The ships big cargo bay carries four Landram TM recon vehicles. Cargo bay opens manually and a ramp swings down. Battlestar galactica Command Ship comes fully assembled, operating instructions included. Big package in four colours. Battery not included.

#2984 Std Pak 4/Wt 13 lbs.

Colonial Landram and Space toys!

Colonial Landram

Space age moon walker recon vehicle with 'laser' torpedoes and two inch removable Colonial figure! Treads roll, turret revolves, doors open! Based on the TV space series! Authentic markings, buck seats, careful detailing. Package has four color artwork. #2940 Std. Pak 6/Wt. 6 lbs. 8 oz.

Space toys!

Four space world vehicles based on the fabulous TV series! Cylon Raider TM, Colonial Stellar Probe TM, Colonial Viper TM, and Colonial Scarab TM! Each one is loaded with working features, such as 'Laser' torpedo launchers, cockpit blisters that open, wings that trim! Colonial or Cylon markings. Each vehicle carries a 2" pilot figure. What's more, these space toys are modular (except Cylon Raider)! You can take parts from one toy to combine with parts from another and comeup with still another toy! Modular means be your own designer! Packages have 4-color art on all sides.

#2431 Colonial Viper fighter Std. Pak 6/Wt. 6 lbs.
#2532 Cylon Raider Interceptor Std. Pak 6/Wt. 6 lbs.
#2604 Colonial LAndram Recon Vehicle Std. Pak 6/Wt. 6 lbs.
#2533 Colonial Stellar Probe Explorer craft Std. Pak 6/Wt. 8 lbs.
#2534 Colonial Scarab land vehicle Std. Pak 6/Wt. 8 lbs.
#2605 Asst. Pak (also includes Landram TM) 6/Wt. 8 lbs. 8 oz.

Battlestar Galactica Vertibird

Battlestar Galactica Vertibird

Interplanetary action from the TV space series Battlestar Galactica. Pilot space interceptor! Maneuver! Change altitude, speed and direction. Hover to line up Cylon enemy target. Check visual indicator! Bull's eye! You've scored a hit! Mission accomplished. set comes with Vertibird interceptor, Launch platform, dual flight controls and airborne visual indicator. Two corrugated Cylon enemy targets, recon vehicle, decals and instructions also included. Package has 4 color art. Uses 4 D batteries, not included.

#2983 Std. Pak 4/Wt. 12 lbs.

Battlestar Galactica figures

Battlestar Galactica Action Figures

From the Hit TV series! Daggit TM, lovable robot pet. Commander Adama TM, wise statesman of the embattles Colonials TM and Lt. Starbuck TM, his bold flight leader! From the evil Cylons TM, the sinister mastermind Imperious Leader TM and a fierce Cylon Centurion TM in shiney armour. Last, but by no means least, the loathsome insect creature, Ovion TM! Six poseable figures, each sold separatly. Authentic reproductions of costumes, accessories and details. Full color blister cards individual character portraits!

#2874 Asst, Only 48/wt 10 lbs.
#2873 Daggit Robot pet
#2868 Commander Adama
#2871 Lt. Starbuck
#2878 Ovion
#2870 Cylon Centurian
#2869 Imperious Leader

Battlestar Galactica lasermatic pistol

Lasermatic TM Pistol

Three sounds! Three numbered settings! 'Laser Flash'. The exciting Battlestar Galactica TM Lasermatic TM pistol adjusts at the turn of a dial. Setting #1: Semi-automatic. Setting #2: Full Laser. Setting #3: Rapid fire. Each setting with a distinctive, simulated space sound. 4 color package is stopper too, Pistol operates on 9 volt battery, not included.

#1071 Std. Pak 6/Wt. 8 lbs.

Battlestar Galactica 12 inch figures

TV Characters

The big Ones! Two space age figures - a 12 1/2" Cylon Centurion TM and his human adversary, a brave 11 1/2" Colonial Warrior TM! Pretend fun straight from the hit TV series! The fierce Cylon Centurion stalks his opponent in shiny, vacuum-metallized helemt and body armour! Push the control button and a light pulses in his chest and in the laser pistol. His scanner eye lights up and he makes a space sound. His 'super sensitive vision' scans the horizon when the helmet switch is moved. Sighting the Cylon TM enemy, the bold Warrior in Colonila TM uniform switches his 'radar' gun into a 'laser' gun! Both figures carry energy paks with control button and antenna. Each figure sold separately. Self-display window packages are standouts in 4 colors! Two AA penlight batteries not included.

#2536 Colonial Warrior figure with 'radar' and 'laser' weapon! Std. Pak 6/Wt. 7 lbs.
#2637 Cylon Centurian Figure with 'scanner' vision and 'laser' pistol! Std. Pak 6/Wt. 7 lbs.
#2603 Asst. Pak 6/Wt. 7 lbs.

Battlestar Galactica Viper Launch

Viper TM Launch Station TM

'Stand by to launch space figthers!' The Battlestar Galactica TM Viper TM Launch Station TM sends two aloft at the squeeze of a trigger! Fast squeeze launches both fighters together. Slow squeeze, one at a time. Two viper fighters, made of lightweight TUFLITE material included. Plus two knockdown enemy targets. 6 rubber bands, decals and instructions for assembly and flying. Package has 4 color artwork.

#2446 Viper Launch Station set with 2 fighters and 2 Cylon targets! No batteries! No electricity!Std. Pak 6/Wt. 13 lbs.

Battlestar Galactica Talking Daggit

Battlestar Galactica Talking daggit

Loveable robot pet from the hit TV space series! What's more - he talks! Pull his string - daggit communicates! Not in words. He braks, he whines and more! The actual sound track, taken from the Universal City ABC-TV production, was the model! Talking Daggit is made of soft, cuddly plush. He's durable, too. Daggit stands just under ten inches tall. From the tip of his tail to the point on his muzzle, he measures fourteen and one half inches.

#1038 Std. Pak 6/Wt. 6 lbs, 8 oz.

Battlestar Galactica Radio control Cylon Raider

Radio Control Cylon Raider TM

Space interceptor! Strike vehicle of the evil Cylons TM! Mattel radio control version is unmistakably Battlestar Galactica TM, with authentic markings taken from the hit TV series! A steering wheel on the transmitter controls the Cylon Raider TM. Maneuver left, right, pointer straight ahead! Remote starts and gradual stops, too! On/off button is on the vehicle itself. Transmitter operates on a frequency of 27.145 mhz. Cylon raider vehicle comes fully assembled. Transmitter and operating instructions included. Uses two 9-volt transistor batteries and two AA batteries, not included.

#1169 Std. Pak 6/Wt. 5 lbs.

Does not fly.

Mattel Electronics Battlestar Galactica Space Alert

A mattel electronics exclusive! Based on the TV space series Battlestar Galactica, this self contained electronic game provides the fun and excitment of cosmic combat. You defend the Battlestar against the computer controlled Cylon Raider attack. You must save the Battlestar Galactica. Here come the Cylons! Launch a cosmic counterattack! Intercept! Cylons destroyed. But watch out! Don't let the Cylons get through. If they do, you lose and hear sounds of taps. Game features automatic digital scoring, arming switch, intercept control lever, launch and impact sounds effects.

#2448 6/Wt. 2 lbs 8 oz.