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Lasermatic Rifle

Mattel Lasermatic Rifle

This is another mattel toy that has very little to do with the show, that does not mean it isn't nice! The rifle makes 3 different sounds and has a red light that shines when you fire. These guns are not particularly easy to find, so if you see one buy it. As you can see this gun has turned yellow from being left in the sun to long.

You can here an MP3 of the games sound effects by clicking below


Cylon AM Radio Cylon AM Radio Box

Cylon AM Radio

Made by Vanity Fair in 1979. This is a really nice looking item. The Eye lights up when the radio is on the the Cylons mouth piece is the speaker. It would have been great if the eye moved when you tuned the radio in, but I guess that would have been a lot to ask in the late seventies.

Universal Galactica Snowdome

Universal Galactica Snowdome

I only heard about that there was a snowdome made a few weeks back and didn't realy believe it existed. But after only a small amount of searching I was actually able to find and buy one! The dome is only 6cm across and features to cylon figures on a sea-saw infront of the Universal Studios Galactica ride.

Daggit Pin Cylon Pin

Daggit & Cylon Pin

There seem to be a number of these items around. Some are necklaces, some are pins. They all come boxed in a small white box with a plastic cover and feature images of the cast. Other than the normal Universal copyright details there is no indication as to who made these items. Thanks to Mark Dumar for the Cylon Pin.

Daggit Pendant

Daggit Pendant

Another Pendant in the style of the pin. Still no detail on who made this. Thanks to Alan Piper for this image.


Battlestar Necklaces

In the same style as the above items you could get these cast metal Necklaces, featuring Imperious Leader, Cylon and Ovion. Other than the normal Universal copyright details there is no indication as to who made this. Thanks to Mark Dumar for these image.

Greetings Cards

Greetings Cards

Battlestar Galactica Greetings cards. Printed by The Cambridge Card Company of England in 1979. I have yet to see these in any other collection so it is hard to put a value on them, I payed 45p each for them. The cards themselves don't have any messages inside but each have a title and number printed on the back:- 1. Cylon Baseship, 2. Colonial Viper, 4. The Raiders, 6. Viper Ignition, 7. Cylon Baseships, 8. Battlestar Galactica. I must thank my girlfriend for finding these in a local shop, they were still trying to sell them after 20 years!

Official Blueprints

The Official Battlestar Galactica Blueprints

The Official Battlestar Galactica Blueprints printed by Today Press. These blueprints are basically the blueprints that were drawn up for creating the film sets and props so they look realy good. The blueprints you get are:- Section of Viper, Galactica Bridge and Flight Console, Command Deck, Viper Landing Gear, Catapault Launch deck, Cylon cockpit Interior, Shuttlecraft Interior, The Land Ram, Interior Laser Station, and Imperious Leaders Chambers.

Pillow Cases

Pillow Cases and Sheets

Battlestar Galactica Pillow Cases and Sheets. I don't actually know much about these, but I assume they came as a set. At the moment I have two Pillow cases with the same print on, and a single sheet and a fitted sheet. If you have any info on them please get in touch.


Here you can see a piece of the design that covers the entire sheet.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

Battlestar Galactica Sleeping Bag. This features a slightyl different print to the Sheets and pillow cases. It has one of the only graphics I know of feturing Colonel Tigh. Thanks to Jennifer Eastwood for sending me this great item. If you have any info on them please get in touch.



The same print from the bedding was also used to make curtains. Thanks to Mary for sending me this image. They have no makers mark, but I have a set in exactly the same style for Buck Rogers.

Iron-on Transfers

Battlestar Galactica Iron-on Transfer Book

Published by Windmill Books / E.P Dutton, New York in 1979. This bokk contains 12 images that can be cut out and ironed onto and T-shirt, pillowcase, sheet etc. The 12 images are pretty nice but nothing that isn't used elsewhere. I haven't tried using any of them as I doubt after 20 years that the iron material still works. Click here to see a T-shirt with one of these iron-ons already added. Picture courtesy of Mary Wernke.

Alladin Flask
Alladin Lunch box

Alladin Flask & Lunch Box

Made by Alladin Industries Inc. No TV show should be without one. Metal lunch boxes were very common in the US but not in the UK and as far as I know this was never releases here. Lunch box pictures from the collection of Mary Wernke.

Lunchbox by NECA

Metal Lunchbox - 3000 Limited Edition

Made by NECA in 2001 this lunchbox has obviously been released prior to the new movie in an attempt to cash in on the fans. It is actually pretty nice with a couple of good images from the show, and a cool flask. I was quite surprised to find this on sale in the UK as there are so few about. I have box number 2225.