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How to convert Non-firing missiles to Firing.

by David Moss

When Mattel first released it's line of Battlestar Galactica vehicles in 1978 they included missiles that fired out of the vehicles. Unfotunatly soon after there release a child died after swallowing one fo the missiles. Mattel where forced to recall all the Galactica spaceships and replace the firing missiles with missiles that didn't leave the ship.

So if you where lucky enough to have been bought a missile firing version you don't need to read anymore . If not, read on...

This technique can be used on the following vehicles:- Cylon Raider, Colonial Scarab, Colonial Viper, and Colonial Stella Probe.

Step One.

First you must open up your ship. Carfully remove all the screws and remove the missile and spring mechanism. The firing system is very simple so just make a note where the springs come from.

Step Two.


Fig 1.

You will now have a missile tha looks like A. pictured in Fig 1. You now need a realy sharp knife to slice of the two rounded panels that have been added halfway down the missile shaft. This is easy to do as the plastic is quite soft. You should end up with a missle that looks like B.

And that's it, it is now just a case of putting your vehicle back together and you will then be able to fire the missles out of the body.

If you have any problems (which you shouldn't) please feel free to e-mail me.