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Science Fantasy Film Classics - Oct 1978

Science Fantasy Film Classics - Oct 1978

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Codename: Galactica

12 1/2 Inch TV Characters

Two space world figures in uniform! Pretend fun straight from the hit television series! Cylon Centurion and his human opponent, a brave Colonial Pilot. Both stand 12 1/2 tall, bad guy vs. good guy. With a Cylon forget human ideas of fair play! His super sensitive vision scans the horision. A light pulsese in his chest, A 'Laser' gun in his hand. Defending his human way of life, the Colonial Pilot carries hand held 'radar'. Sighting the enemy he switches 'radar' gun for 'laser' gun! Pilot wears Colonial uniform. Cylon makes eerie space sound, wears great body armour. Both carry energy back packs to activate features, with control button and antenna. Cylon Centurion, Colonial Pilot, Each figures sold separately. AA penlight batteries not included. Self-display window packages have 4 color art.

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Mattel teams up with the space show of shows on TV! Now Mattel presents a new licensed line of toys taken directly from the fabulous ABC Universal Pictures television series! As in the show, this will be the good guys, The Colonials, versus the bad guys, The Cylons! Four space world vehicles based on actual models from the show itself. Colonial Stallar Probe explorer craft, Colonial Viper space fighter, Colonial Scarab land vehicle, Cylon Raider interceptor. Each carries a 1 1/2 inch articulated figure in space uniform. Colonial or Cylon. Each is loaded with working features, such as rocket launchers, cockpit blisters tha open, wings that trim, etc. All have bold markings and insignia. Colonial or Cylon! And these space toys are modular! You take parts of one toy, combine it with parts of another and come up with still another toy! Modular means be your own designer for almost unlimited play combinations! And all colonial vehicles have it. Packages are dramatic too, in 4-colors.

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Viper Launch Station

First line of defense for the star world good guys! The viper Launch station sends to viper fighters aloft on space missions with a squeeze of the trigger. Slow squeeze lets you launch 'em one at a time. Fast squeeze launches both together. You can try evasive action too! Even attempt space maneuvers! Colonial Viper space fighters are made of lightweight saftey-tested TUFLITE material. Set includes two fighters, plus 6 rubber bands and complete assembly and flight instructions. Launch stations is made of sturdy, high impact styrene! Comes with two bad guy targets. Set 'em up and knock 'em down! Decal set included. Distinctive package has 4-color artwork!