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Starlog Photo Guidebook - Weapons

Starlog Photo Guidebook

Science Fiction Weapons Vol.1

Written and Compiled by David Hirsch and Barbara Krasnoff

Published in 1979 by Starlog Press

Battlestar Galactica

ABC-TV, 1978-79, Color 60 min

n a faraway galaxy, a colony of 12 planets is ambushed by an evil race of robots know as Cylons. All of the humans on the planets are destroyed, as well as the entire defence armada. All, that is, except one - the Battlestar Galactica. The giant battleship takes on a fleet of 220 space vehicles, carrying the last remains of the civilisations of the 12 planets. The Galactica leads the fleet away from the Cylon empire in the hope of finding safety on the 13th colony, the lost planet, Earth.

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Blasters: Colonial weapons carried by the human warriors. Rather bulky in size, these laser weapons can stun or kill a human, but are mainly designed to blast through the protective outer armour of the Cylon Centurions.

Vipers: Swift, high-speed attack craft launched from the Battlestar Galactica. Laser equipped and designed for single pilot control.

Cylon Blasters: Rifle-shaped, as opposed to the pistol-shape of the Colonial weapons, the Cylon blasters have the same effective range and power.

Cylon Fighters: Three-seat attack craft not as advanced as the vipers and fitted with three Cylon starpilots, each programmed to handle a different battle mode. Laser equipped.

Laser Cannons: The Battlestar Galactica's last line of defence if attacking craft get past the Viper squadron.

Executive Producer: Glean A. Larson. Producers: John Dykstra, Don Bellisario, Paul Playdon, David O'Connell. Supervising Producers: Leslie Stevens, Michael Sloan. Directors of Photography: Ben Colman, John Penner. Colman, John Penner. Special Effects Co-ordinator: John Dykstra. Associate Pro-ducers: Winrich Kolbe, David Phinney. Music: Stu Philips. Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorieac. Art Director: John E. Chilberg II. Cast: Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Lorne Greene, Herb Jefferson Jr., Maren Jensen, Tony Swartz, Noah Hathaway, Terry Carter, Sarah Rush, Laurette Spang, John Colicos, John Fink, David Greenan, Anne Lockhart, Jack Stauffer, John Dullaghan.

Blaster blueprints

Weapons Episodes

"The Gun on Ice Planet Zero"-In an attempt to destroy the last remaining humans, the Cylons herd the Galactica toward the planet Arcta where a gigantic pulsar laser awaits to annihilate the fleet. Apollo and his team must break into the Cylon mountain base and destroy the pulsar before the Galactica gets into range. Writers: Leslie Stevens, Michael Sloan, Don Bellisario. Director: Alan Levi. Guest Cast: Roy Thinnes, Jarnes Olson, Christine Belford, Britt Ekland.

"War of the Gods"-The mysterious Count Iblis uses his fantastic psychic powers to win command of the fleet. To prove his powers, he delivers the humans' enemy, the traitor Baltar. Writer: Glen A. Larson. Director: Dan H'aller. Guest Cast: Patrick MacNee, Kirk Alyn, Janet Louise Johnson, Ed Begley, Jr.

"The Man With Nine Lives"-Starbuck attempts to save the life of a man he believes to be his father from bloodthirsty Borellians. Armed with grenade-like weapons called boas. the Borellians track the old man from the pleasureship Rising Star to the Galactica. Writer: Don Bellisario. Director: Rod Holcornb. Guest Cast: Anne Jeffreys, Lance LeGault, Robert Feero, Anthony De- Longis.