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Starlog Photo Guidebook - Science Fiction Toys and models Vol.1

Starlog Photo Guidebook

Science Fiction Toys and models Vol.1

Presented by Norman Jacobs and Kerry O'quinn

Written and Compilde by Stephen J. Sansweet
Starlog press publication 1980.

The 1978-79 run of Battlestar Galactica on television and as a motion picture produced a small line of items from MAttel Toys. The spacecraft and vehicles came in two versions. The early models fired small plastic missiles, but were recalled and replaced with toys that had the missiles permanently attached. The oval Cylon Fighter hovers over the Colonial's Stellar Probe while a Galactica-launched Viper swoops in to rout the Cylons. On the surface is a multi-purpose Scorpion ground vehicle.

Toys and Models picture 1
Toys and Models picture 2

Large scale Colonial Warrior looks happier than he should so close to an evil Cylon Centurian. Both figures are multi-jointed and have push buttons on their energy packs to light up their weapons.

Boxey's pet daggit, Muffit II, is a robot dog created by Galactica technicians. In Mattels plush stuffed version, a pull of Muffit's leash rewards you with a metallic sounding bark.

Toys and Models picture 3

Toys and Models picture 4

Small poseable figures from Battlestar Galactica includes Muffit the Daggit, Commander Adama, Lt. Starbuck, an Ovion, a Cylon Centurian and the Imperious Leader.