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Tomart's Action figure Digest
No 52.

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The Greatest Figures Never Made

The Colonial Landram would have included a small-scale figure about half the size of those actually produced. Only the prototype and Toy Fair packaging are known to exist.

NOTE: This bit of info is actually not true as the vehicle was released in Canada and if you hunt hard enough can be found, and there are even a few boxed ones out there.

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The Battlestar Galactica Command Ship is the queen of unproduced toys from this series. It was to have motorized hatches, a concealed laser cannon, launching Colonial Vipers, and a vehicle bay with miniature Landrams. The sound effects were advanced for 1979. It was truly a toy ahead of its time, but retailers were afraid of the price point and the unfulfiled expectation of another Star Wars size success, so the Command Ship went the way of too many other second season toys... to the bone pile of the unproduced.

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