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Mattel produced five ships based on the TV show. Three based on ships featured in the show, and two made up ones. These were, Colonial Viper, Cylon Raider, Colonial Landram, Stellar Probe, and Scarab. The initial toys came with missiles that actually fired. These were replaced after a child died from swallowing one. You can find some boxes with this warning on them.


Cylon Raider

Cylon Raider

Mattel produced five ships based on the TV show. Three based on ships featured in the show, and two made up ones. The Cylon Raider came with a small 2" Cylon figure, opening canopy and wings, and firing missile launchers. Due to the death of a child the raider and viper toys where recalled and replaced with a version with non-firing misiles.

If you would like to know how to convert a non-firing version into a firing version
you should take a look Here.

Thanks to Mark Dumar for sending me this images of the Cylon Raider box featruing a free Cylon Figure. These where released later in the line of toys and where only available in the Non missile firing versons of the ships. As far as I know the offers only appeared on the Cylon Raider and Colonial Viper vehicles.

Raider Special Offer Box

Colonial Viper

Colonial Viper 10

The Colonial Viper is by far my favorite of the mattel spaceships as it looks exactly like it did in the show. These ships come in two main parts:- Command module and Viper body. The command module is slightly longer than the one that came with the Scarab and Probe. This ship comes with a small 2" viper pilot figure.

Viper Special Offer Box

Later in the release of the ships they included and offer of a free figure. If you have a better copy of this box then please mail me.

Colonial Scarab

Colonial Scarab 20

This is another toy that has nothing to do with the series. It comes with 3 main parts, command module, drive section and rocket launcher. The top Scarab pictured here is the missile firing version which is light grey in colour. The bottom Scarab has fixed missiles and is white. On the instruction sheet that comes with all these vehicles the figure that comes with the Scarab has been wrongly labled as a Cylon.

Scarab Box

Thanks to Jens for the Box images.

Stellar Probe

Colonial Stellar Probe 30

Based very loosly on the Colonial viper and again nothing to do with the show, the Stellar Probe consists of these parts:- Command Module, Main body, Wing unit, Tail, Thrusters, Adapter, Nose cone, and Lift-off assembly. These parts could be interchanged to create over eight different vehicles. As with the Scarab, there is a grey version of this toy with firing missiles.

Probe Box Artwork
Prototype Colonial Pilot

The box artwork also contains a picture of an early prototype Colonial figure. The prototype version has white arms and red body compared to the all red of the version that was released.

The Mattel 1978 Catalogue features another early version of the colonial figure, this time without a helmet.

Prototype Colonial Pilot

Colonial Landram

Colonial Landram 40

After many years of collecting I have finnaly got the hardest to find Galactica toy of them all. The Landram was released as the last of the mattel ships in 1979 and was only available in Canada. The landram was built to the same scale as the other ships and came in both non missile firing and missile firing version. The Ram came with two types of wheel base, one featuring the catapillar tracks and the other having four plain wheels in the same style as the Scarab. This vehicle also came with two of the small warrior figures that would sit inside the cockpit.

You can see a picture of a boxed Landram with the alternate wheel base by clicking Here.

Greg Hanson has kindly sent me some images of the original Hardcopy Prototype that he owned. This is the version that is made before it goes into full production and is a one of a kind piece. This prototype sold on Ebay in 2006 for $2,025.00. The box is also only a mock-up at this stage. Click Here to see the prototype.

I have also just received scans of the Landram Instruction sheet and decal sheet which you can download in the instructions section.

Viper Launch Station

Viper Launch Station

I finnaly found an almost complete launch station including box. Unfortunatly this is still missing a few pieces but here is what it should come with:- launch station with runway, two launchable vipers, two laser turrets, solar sensors, catapult grip, and two raider targets. These are very hard to find complete and often go for more the $60, although if you look hard enough you can find them cheaper.

Remote Control raider

Radio Control Cylon Raider

Made in 1979 by matel, the Radio control Cylon Raider has had wheels added to it so you can drive it around. I't not the easiest of things to control as it is impossible to get it to move in a straight line, and of course there is no reverse! The playset consist of a raider and hand held controler.

Battlestar Galactica Command Ship

Battlestar Galactica Command Ship

Now this is a toy that everybody would have wanted, but as far as I know was never released. The Ship would have featured electronic sounds, launching vipers and would have been a massive 22 inches in length!

The image above is of the Hard copy prototype and have been kindly sent to me by Greg Hanson. The box is also only a mock-up showing what the final may look like. This is a one off piece and is extremly rare. Hence why you will probably never see one for sale. This one sold on Ebay in 2006 for $5,100.00. You can see some other images of this prototype by clicking Here

In and article taken from Starlog the reason given for the toy not being released was credited to it being to expensive at $50. You can read the article by clicking Here.

Comet Miniatures - Battlestar Galactica

Comet Miniatures - Battlestar Galactica

Measuring 3 inchs long this is quite a good looking lead casting of the Galactica. It was made by Comet Miniatures in the early 80's in a limited production run which only lasted a year or 2. This was part of a series of Lead miniatures made by comet. So far I know there was also a Cylon Raider, Cylon Warrior and Colonial Viper.

Thanks to Robert Hodson for sending me this Image of a carded version of the Comet Battlestar.

Comet Miniatures - Cylon Raider

Comet Miniatures - Cylon Raider

Here is another lead model this time of a Cylon Raider. The ship measures about an inch across and contains lots of detail considering the size. There is no information on the package as to when this was made, but there is a small bit of deatil on the colours it should be painted:- Color Scheme pale grey - overall, Gloss black - Windows, Weathering - Graphite dust.

Battlestar Van

Battlestar Van

Measuring 2 inches long this little is van is not an offical Galactica item, but it is obviously made to try and tie in with the Galactica brand. It was made by Lucky Ind in China.