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Items Wanted

Although this may look like a pretty extensive collection of Galactica Memorabilia there are still many items that I am looking to get. So if you have any of the following items, or any others that you do not see on this site, please get in touch. I'm always happy to buy or trade for any item I don't have.

I'm looking for both loose and boxed/carded items. Email me with what you have.

You can drop me a e-mail me. Remove the word spam from this email address otherwise the mail will be rejected.


Battlestar Atlantia Candy Toy
Battlestar Pegasus Candy Toy

Majestic Studios:-

Starbuck 12 inch doll
Adama 12 inch doll


Titanium Series classic Galactica


Lasermatic Pistol
Boxed Multipack Figures
Boxed Mail Away Figures


Battlestar Galactica 8, Greetings from Earth
Battlestar Galactica 11, The Nightmare Machine
Battlestar Galactica 12, 'Die, Chameleon!'

Marvel Comics:-

Issues: 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,16,17,18.

Other Publications:-

Stan Lee presents Battlestar Galactica Vol II
Colonial warriors techincal Manual
Encyclopedia Galactica
Poster Magazine issue #2 by Paradise press Inc.
The official Battlestar Galactica scrapbook by James Neyland
Activity book #4 Published by Wonder Books 1978

Comet Miniatures:-

Cylon Centurion
Colonial Viper


Space Glider
Air jet
Cosmic Puzzles
Super Action Bagatelle game
Parchute gun
Cylon Bubble Machine
Star Darts
Periscope Scanner
Jet Discs
Pocket Communications
Medic Kit
Photon Blaster
Flash Light
Solar Explorer
Space Viewer
Stamp set
Trick Camera
Wrist Viewer
Laser Disc Gun
Lightwriter pen
Galactica Coloured Belt Buckle


Ovion Guard by Waddingtons or Parker Brothers
Boxey and Muffet by Waddingtons or Parker Brothers

Misc Items:-

Candy Cake decoration by Genral Mills
Candy cups by General Mills
9" plates by General Mills
Party Hats by General Mills
Party Blowouts by General Mills
Colonial Warrior costume by by Collegeville Flag
Ovion costume by by Collegeville Flag
Muffit costume by by Collegeville Flag
Cylon Latch-Hook kit
Muffet Latch-Hook Kit
Cylon Socks
Deluxe Party Masks by Pioneer Products and General Mills
Napkins Pioneer Products Inc and General Mills
Tablecover by Pioneer Products and General Mills
Necklaces - adama, cylon, Imperious leader
Steak N Shake glasses x4 designs
BSG Space Vertibird
Rub N Play Magic Transfers
BSG Beach Towel
Cylon Calculator
Parker Brothers game
GLJ Inflatable Cylon TV chair
Plastic Poncho
Rub N' Play Magic transfer set
Walkie Talkies by Vanity Fair
Galactica Metal Watch
Galactica Sneakers/trainers
Galactica 1979 Calender
General Mills mail away space statio kit
Wrist Watch by Bradley
Universal Studios Floaty Cylon Pen