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Whats New 2004

Archive of items added in 2004. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch.

29/11/04 - Added an image of the paperback cover for Richard Hatch's book 'Paridis' to the Publications section

04/11/04 - Added Marvel Comic Issue #1 to the Publications Section. check out the great advert for the mattel toys that featured inside this comic. The Misc section is now split into three parts as it is getting so large. On Page two I have added info on Comark Walppaper. I have also added some new items to the Shop and reduced some of the prices.

21/09/04 - Added images of the collectors postcards that come with the video releases. See them in the Video section. And images of the two puzzles that feature on the back of Topps trading cards to the Misc section.

13/09/04 - I have now moved the site to a new host so I have a lot more space to play with. This has meant I have been able to upload the Fasa Starfighter Game instruction book to the Instructions Section.

24/08/04 - Added an image of the new Richard Hatch book 'Destiny' to the Publications Section. And two folders by the Mead corp to the Misc section. I have also created a new section listed all the items that I am still looking for to complete my collection. You can see what I am still after in the Wanted Section.

03/07/04 - Added The Saga of Battlestar Galactica Tape to the Audio Section.

12/05/04 - Added The official Poster Magazine issue #4 to the Publications Section.

26/04/04 - Added a Vanity Fair Cylon AM radio to the Misc section and Mead Corp Notebook to the Misc section page 2. Added 2x Mattel 12 inch figures to the Shop. I have also added The official Poster Magazine issue #3, Dynamite Magazine, The Galactica Files and Galactica: L'Odyssee des Etoiles to the Publications Section. Galactica Theme Sheet Music to the Audio section.

23/03/04 - Added Galactica 2003 promotional keychain to the Misc section.

23/03/04 - Added the German Novel Kampstern Galactica to the Publications section.

06/03/04 - Added some Mattel ship pieces to the Shop section.

04/03/04 - Added Rittenhouse Trading Cards to the Misc section.

04/03/04 - Added two great new Ride image taken by Brian Duelley. See them in the Studio Tour section.

28/02/04 - Added a kids Cylon Costume to the Misc section.

22/02/04 - Added the DVD Box set to the Video section.

20/02/04 - Big updates to the Shop as I am selling all my videos. I have also added the Starlog Villains book to the Publications and Articles sections.

03/01/04 - Added a scan of the 25th Anniversary Soundtrack CD to the Audio section.

01/01/04 - The first update of the year! Added a scan of the latest novel reprint to the Publications section.

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