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Whats New 2005

Archive of items added in 2005. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch.

19/12/05 - Added the Topps Sales sheet to the Misc section. Added the Monogram viper Model Kit to the Vehicles section.

12/12/05 - A big update this time, click the item to go to the page. BSG Calender 1979 + Images, Fantastic films 2x issues, Future Magazine, Space Wars Magazine, Mead Corp Cylon Folder, Canadian Parker Brothers Puzzles, more CD track listings.

22/11/05 - Added 3x Starlog Issues and the Science Fantasy Film Classice magazine and article to the Publications Section. And a Galactica LP to the Audio section. Thanks to Glen Mullaly for these scans.

11/11/05 - This is the start of some big updates. I am re-ordering the Publications Section as I have just been sent a load of scans by Glen Mullaly. The first batch are now ready for viewing.

15/11/05 - Added the Joyride Series Three Silver Spar Squadron Viper to the Vehicles section.

10/10/05 - Added a Universal Studios Floaty Pen to the Studio Tour Section.

06/09/05 - Added an original Universal Studios Tour Bag to the Studio Tour Section.

05/09/05 - Added the Larami Wallet to the Larami Section.

03/09/05 - Added the Joyride Series Three Cylon Stealth Raider to the Vehicles section and the cardbacks to the Instructions section.

31/07/05 - Added the Starlog Photo guidebook of Science Fiction Toys and Models to the Publications 2 section. You can also read this article in the Articles section.

25/07/05 - Added the Konami Battlestar to the Vehicles section and the Instructions to the Instructions section. Added a Larami Spectral viewer to the Larami section Playstation 2 game to the Games section.

01/07/05 - Added the Konami Cylon Raider, Cylon Basestar, Colonial Viper to the Vehicles section and their Instructions to the Instructions section. Also added the three new Joyride figures and the MAjestic Studios 12 inch Cylon to the Figures section.

10/06/05 - Added the Konami Cylon to the Figures section and the Instructions to the Instructions section

10/06/05 - Added Sci-Fi Saturday DVD and CD to the Audio and Video Sections.

04/05/05 - Added Steak and Shake shop cutout to the Misc Section.

19/04/05 - Added Battlestar Galactica - Saga of a Star World to the Publications Section.

23/03/05 - Added scans of three of the German versions of the Galactica novels. Publications Section.

15/03/05 - Added a scan of Fasa game counters to the Instructions section.

08/03/05 - Added scans of the blank Fasa game sheets to the Instructions section.

05/03/05 - Added the Joyride Viper to the Vehicles section.

22/02/05 - Added the Joyride Cylon to the Figures section, the Joyride Cylon Raider to Vehicles section, and the Joyride series one cardbacks to the Instructions section

10/02/05 - Added the Mattel Plush Daggit to the Figures section.

19/01/05 - Added the BBC Micro Cylon Attack Game and Cylon Invasion - Electron Game to the Games section.

09/01/05 - Added the Laser Disc version of the movie to the Video section.

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