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Whats New 2006

Archive of items added in 2006. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch.

08/11/06 - Added Dynamite Comic #1 to the Publications section. Added Letraset 5/6 to the games section.

12/07/06 - Added Mad Magazines Spoof Comic strip to the Publications section. New image of the Time & Space Toys Ltd Edtion Figures to the Figures section. Added the Monogram Galactica model kit to the vehicles section. Added the Rittenhouse Colonial Warriors sales sheet to the Misc section.

12/06/06 - Added a couple of great shots to the Battle of Galactica costumes area in the Studio Tour section. And a shot of the Cylon riader prop from the backlot tour to the Studio Tour main section.

24/04/06 - Added some great home video of the Battle of Galactica ride to the Studio Tour section.

06/04/06 - Added the Mattel Landram and Battlestar Galactica Prototypes to the vehicles section. And a Dishware set to the Misc section. And loads of new images in the Studio Tour sections.

06/03/06 - Added the Official Battlestar Galactica Scrapbook and Encyclopedia Galactica to the Publications section. A Daggit Pendant to the Misc section and the Cold cast Galactica to the Misc section.

01/03/06 - Another big update this time: Konami Gold Cylon to the figures to the Figures section, Five Marvel comics and the Titan Comic compilation 'Memory Machine' to the Publications section.

21/02/06 - Added images of the 5 loose Majestic Studios 12 inch figures to the Figures section. Uploaded a great new shot of the Studio Tour hero costume and gun to the Studio Tour section. The 4th Activity book to the games section and two more model kits to the vehicles section.

14/02/06 - Added the Monogram Cylon Raider and Revell Galactica Kits to the vehicles section. All four Steak n'Shake glasses added to the Misc section. Added the second poster magazine to the Publications section. And two Joyride prototype figures to the Figures section.

13/02/06 - Added the Joyride Blue Squadron series 2 viper to the vehicles section. And a different set of Larami Comsic Puzzles to the Larami section.

08/02/06 - Added six more puzzles to the games section.

07/02/06 - Added the Rittenhouse Colonial Warriors trading card base set to the Misc section.

07/02/06 - Added three more of the original Marvel comics and adverts to the Publications section.

07/02/06 - Added a new section of promo images from the Battle for Galactica ride to the Studio Tour section.

16/01/06 - Added the Rittenhouse trading card sales sheet to the Misc section.

13/01/06 - Added Cardback Tagline rollovers to the Mattel figure images in the Figures section.

09/01/06 - Added images of the prototype Cylon Mask from Collegeville Flags Cylon Costume to the Misc section.

09/01/06 - Added the 12 inch Cylon Commander from Majestic Studios to the Figures section.

08/01/06 - Added a Candy Cake Decoration the Misc section.

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