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Whats New 2007

Archive of items added in 2007. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch.

20/12/07 - More Larami bits added. This time we have a Disc Shooter, Medic Kit, Solar Explorer and the Stamp Set.

17/12/07 - Added Images of the Scarab Box to the Vehicles section. A Carded version of the Wallet, Cylon bubble Machine, Bagatelle game, and Binoculars have been added to Larami.

21/10/07 - Added a built version of the Monogram Galactica in the Vehicles section. Added Topps 3 pack offer and the 1980 Calendar to the Misc section. A third variation to the Cosmic Puzzles has be added to the Larami section.

12/10/07 - Added the Titanium Series Viper to the Vehicles section.

14/09/07 - Added more box art for the Revell Model Kits, plus an advert for the 2007 re_issue viper to the Vehicles section.

16/06/07 - Added covers from the Dynamite Apocalypse comics to the Publicaions section. And a Revell advert to the Vehicles section.

24/03/07 - Added more covers from the Dynamite comics to the Publicaions section.

05/03/07 - Added more images and info throughout the Battle of Galactica section.

05/03/07 - Spanish Version of the BSG Soundtrack added to the Audio section.

22/01/07 - Added a small article about an Australian Exhibition, click to read the Starlog issue 34 article.

22/01/07 - I have been working hard to re code the site so that it works without frames. And here it is. All the old content should still be here, but if you do find anything missing or any broken links, drop me an email. I will get back to adding new items shortly.

08/01/07 - Added Battlestar Poncho to the Misc section. And a TV advert for the Cylon Bubble Machine to the Larami section.

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