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Along time ago in a galaxy far far away… I started toy collecting! And as I now have far more than I need, I have started this site to sell and trade my spares and help other collectors find what they are missing.

Welcome to Moss Eisley (formerly the 'Transformers Junkyard'). My name is David Moss and I am the curator of this site. Based in the UK.

The main toy lines you will find on this site are Star Wars (vintage and modern), Transformers (most lines), Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (LJN), Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers.

If you see something on this site you would like to buy or trade then contact me Here, but please remove the word SPAM from the email address before you click send!

I'm also constantly selling Toys on ebay, you can see what I am currently selling by clicking Here.

Latest updates

14/05/09 - Added a host of new Star Wars figures both old and new to pretty much all the star wars lines.

05/08/08 - Boy have I been lazy. New figures/parts added to the star wars section.

16/12/07 - Had a bit of a general tidy up to end the year. Updated my wants lists.

01/11/07 - Added a few more Star wars figures from all ranges. And a load of loose weapons and spares.

30/08/07 - Added a few more Star wars figures. A few MOC ep1 figures.

13/08/07 - I've had a tidy up and removed all the bits that have now gone. I've also added a blog, how exciting is that.

04/07/07 - Time for a clear out of old stock, so a lot of peice are going up on ebay this week. If you see something you like on the site and don't like the price. Make me an offer.

05/06/07 - Hey Hey! a big update of the star wars section. Loads of figures added and a few spare weapons.

08/05/07 - A nice big tidy up as I have sold a lot on ebay. New items added all over the site.

26/04/07 - Added loads of MOC Star Wars Japanese EP3 figures, Plus loose figures from the Assualt on Hoth Battle packs. Grab some hard to find items.

30/03/07 - Just changed my ebay user ID to moss-eisley to make it more in keeping with the site. Also added some odd star wars figures and a Beast Wars Armordilo.

11/03/07 - Added Loads of Titan AE figures to the Misc section. Feel free to make me an offer.

05/03/07 - Tron Lightcycle added to Misc, Beast Machines Ratrap added to Transformers.

04/03/07 - I'm currently doing lots of listing on ebay as I need to clear out space. Check out what's for sale Here..

17/02/07 - Added two different version of the Star wars trilogy on VHX to the Star Wars misc section.

09/02/07 - Added loads on vintage G1 transformers + more from some of the more recent ranges of TF's!

18/01/07 - Added more vintage figures and new images for the rest of my vintage stock. Check them out!

15/01/07 - Just added 20 Modern Star Wars Figures, some from most ranges. All listed at bargain prices. Many other prices reduced!

Payment details

I prefer payment via Paypal, but can also accept payment by Cash, Personal Cheques or Postal Orders from the UK.

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If you are not a Paypal member you can easily join by clicking this link.

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Items seen on this site are offered on a first come first served basis as this is only fair. People who I haven't traded with before will be expected to send there items to me first before I send anything out.

I have been buying trading and selling for many years and have a 100% feeback score on Ebay which you can check Here.

Free Wallpapers

And here is a nice freebie for all the visitors to my site. I have created a couple of Wallpapers to brighten up your windows backdrops. Feel free to download them and pass them along.

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